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Tools You Should Know for the Bartending Trade. PBSA Explains!

Last updated 6 years ago

Anyone can pour a drink. What separates a bartender from the average Joe is the ability to work quickly and efficiently with a wide range of special tools. If you’re considering becoming a bartender, you need to be able to work well with these tools of the trade:   


Every bar typically carries several kinds of glasses—short, tall, cocktail, and beer glasses. If you’re going to become a master bartender, you’ll need to know which drinks go with which glasses, and familiarize yourself with the size and shape of each. Since all bars have different glasses, you’ll also need to adapt quickly with each new gig.

Shaker and strainer

As it turns out, liquor doesn’t always mix easily with the other ingredients of a drink. That’s why most cocktails are poured into a shaker, shaken or stirred, and then poured into a cocktail glass. The strainer prevents fruit pulp, seeds, ice chunks, and other unwanted items from sneaking into the drink.


Though bartenders are trained to pour drinks based on sight and feel, some drinks require more exact measurements. The jigger, which is a steel, hourglass-shaped measuring device, can measure one ounce of liquid in one container, and one half ounce in the other. Whether you’re measuring fruit juice, grenadine, or alcohol, a jigger is a very important bartending tool.   

Corkscrew and bottle opener

The bottle opener is essential for serving the patron who prefers a cold bottle of beer. If the patron is a wine aficionado, a skilled bartender should be able to un-cork a bottle of wine in as little time and with as much grace as possible.

If you’d like to become better acquainted with these vital bartending tools, Professional Bartending Schools of America can introduce you. We believe that high-quality bartenders are taught the trade in person, with actual tools—not through a book or over the internet. In order to open yourself up to a new realm of possibilities, call us today at (513) 542-3500.


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