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Taking a Closer Look at Unique Cocktail Trends of 2012

Last updated 6 years ago

Bartenders in 2012 are stepping out, trying new things, and seeing mixed results all over the place. There are lots of hip cocktails out there this year, but the trends overall include unique methods of preparing cocktails and adding whatever unconventional ingredients you can get away with. Dive into the American cocktail trends of 2012 by examining some of their shared traits. 
Aged Ingredients
So far, 2012 has seen a notable rise in bartenders using aged cocktail ingredients, particularly those aged in wood barrels. The idea is that the wood introduces new flavors to the liquor or cocktail, like vanilla, caramel, and various notes of spice. Aged Negroni seems to be common on the scene. There’s some debate over the legitimacy of this process, especially among traditionalists who enjoy picking apart the different parts of a cocktail—alcohols and flavors tend to fuse when aged. One thing is for sure: it makes preparing a multi-ingredient drink a lot easier on a bartender. 
Unlikely Savory Stars
Bacon and eggs are being served at your local trendy bar, but not because the management starting serving breakfast. Savory, meaty, and unusual ingredients have shown up in cocktails across America in 2012. The Big Eye Bloody Bull is one example—it’s vodka, lemon juice, and elk-bullion cocktail. Thinly-diced and cooked pancetta is also showing up in some rye-based cocktails. There’s no shortage of novelty carnivore cocktails either, like Las Vegas’ Bring Home the Bacon, a beef bouillon and vodka drink garnished with a bacon wrapped olive.  
Abstract Fruit Purees
Seasonal fruits and vegetables are being thrown into a puree and strained into fun cocktail drinks in 2012, too. The examples run the gamut; really anything that’s around is fair game. But berries of all kinds seem to enjoy regular popularity. The more abstract the berry, the better. 
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