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    Bartending in the Big Apple: PBSA in NYC

    Last updated 5 years ago

    New York City, the thriving urban core at the heart of the nation’s most populous metropolitan area, is home to thousands of bars. However, there are also thousands of bartenders looking for jobs in Manhattan and the outer boroughs. Professional Bartending Schools of America has a location in the heart of the Big Apple, and we provide our students with job placement assistance. Learn what sets New York apart from other cities by reading on.

    24-Hour Public Transportation
    Bar culture in New York City thrives in part due to the 24-hour availability of public transportation. Taxicabs are available on nearly every street corner, and most subway lines also run all night long. Since few people in the city drive, DUI’s do not pose as large a public safety threat as they do in more automobile-oriented cities, and New Yorkers can indulge in cocktails more freely.

    Late Last Call at Bars
    New York is called “The City that Never Sleeps” for a reason—there is always somewhere eat and something to do, from the wee hours of the morning to the latest hours of the night. Unlike bars in most other cities around the country, New York bars are open until 4:00am, which means that bartenders’ shifts last longer and they have the potential to make more money than in other cities.

    High Density Development
    On the island of Manhattan, space is limited, and almost everyone wants to live in this innermost borough. More than 70,000 people live in every square mile here, and there are countless shops, bodegas, restaurants, and bars in every neighborhood. While you are completing bartender school, there will be no shortage of social outlets for you in New York City.  

    The New York Bartending School, located on West 39th Street in the heart of Manhattan, has 36 wet bar stations for students to work at spread out over two floors. If you want to learn the latest bartending skills at the nation’s top schools, call Professional Bartending Schools of America today at (513) 542-3500.

    The Art and Science of Pouring Guinness

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Guinness, one of the world’s most famous beers, has a distinct flavor and a rich, creamy head. Pouring a pint correctly, however, requires precise technique to avoid over- or under-filling the glass, and to provide the customer with the signature Guinness experience.

    This video will show you how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness. You will learn what angle you should hold the glass at, how fast you should fill it up, and the why you should let the pint rest on the bar just shy of full for about a minute before you top it off.

    Pouring the perfect pint is just one of the many essential skills you will learn when you enroll at Professional Bartending Schools of America. For more information about our bartender school locations near you, call us today at (513) 542-3500.

    Perfecting Your Craft at PBSA Orlando

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Orlando’s thriving nightlife can be found at the Downtown Disney area, where tourists hit the scene after a day at the theme park, and International Boulevard, where the locals go to have a good time. At Professional Bartending Schools of America (PBSA), we can get you ready for work anywhere there’s fun to be had in Orlando. Why should you choose PBSA Orlando for your bartender training? Consider the benefits:

    2-Day Course
    If you want to get on the job fast, this is the course for you. The PBSA Orlando course teaches you all the skills you need during two day-long sessions. For your convenience, the classes are held one weekend per month, so the schedule won’t conflict with your current 9-5 job. At the end of the two days, you’ll be armed with over 150 drink recipes and ready to start working as a bartender.

    You can’t learn mixology and other bartending skills in a traditional learning environment. At PBSA, a hotel bar is our classroom, so you get hands-on experience from the start. Holding the class in a hotel bar also allows us to cut our overhead costs, so we can keep your tuition low. Your PBSA teacher has been a hotel bar manager for years, so you’ll get special insight into bartending in this fast-paced, high-paid environment.

    Your bartending class may only be two days, but the support you receive from PBSA lasts much longer. All of the lessons covered in class are downloadable as PDFs, and you’ll have access to online tutorials so you can continue to build your skills. You will also receive a laminated recipe card, responsible alcohol training, and a Certificate of Completion to add to your resume. We also offer job placement assistance to help you break into the booming Orlando bar and restaurant scene.

    Let Professional Bartending Schools of America help you start your new career in the food and beverage industry. We have state-licensed bartending schools around the country, and you’ll meet our graduates in some of the top bars and hotels in the country. See if our bartending school is right for you by calling (513) 542-3500 or contacting us online.

    How Infused Alcohols Can Inspire the Mixologist in You

    Last updated 5 years ago

    As a bartender, how can you stand apart from the crowd? Infused alcohol could be your ticket to recognition for your craft. Infusing alcohols with different flavors gives you the opportunity to wow your customers with signature cocktails they won’t find anywhere else. Infusing alcohol is easy and inexpensive, but the results are anything but ordinary. Here’s how to let your inner mixologist run wild with infused alcohol combinations:

    Choose Your Flavors
    Start by deciding which alcohols you want to use as bases. Steer clear of already-flavored alcohols and instead choose basics like gin, tequila, vodka, and rum. Dark liquors like bourbon will also work. Next, decide which flavors you want to pair with your liquors. Fruit is an obvious choice and works well with most alcohols. If you want to experiment with less sweet tastes, add chili peppers to tequila, cucumbers to gin, or basil to vodka. Think of the drinks that are ordered most often when you’re bartending and emphasize those liquors.

    Make the Infusion Mix
    Start by washing and dicing your ingredients. Be sure all skin, stems, and seeds have been removed, as they could leave your alcohol tasting bitter. Next, fill a glass jar with your ingredients and cover with the alcohol of your choosing. Let the mixture infuse for two to three weeks, being sure to shake the jar periodically. When you’re pleased with the taste, strain the alcohol, and it’s ready for use.

    Experiment with the Infused Alcohol
    Infused alcohol can be used in a huge number of ways. Let your creativity be your guide. You can use freshly infused alcohol to create new twists on classics, like using peach-infused bourbon to make a Manhattan. Your infused alcohol may be tasty enough to simply be offered on the rocks, as well. Your bartending customers are your best source of inspiration, so ask them for feedback as you test new mixes.  

    From mixology to responsible alcohol certification, Professional Bartending Schools of America has the classes you need to stand out in the bartending field. Discover what our bartender schools can do for you by calling (513) 542-3500, or you can contact us online.  

    How to Work with Whiskey in the Summer

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Whiskey has a reputation for being a cold-weather drink, but there’s no need to abandon your favorite Scotch, bourbon, and rye as the mercury rises. Whiskey can be transformed into a refreshing summer drink with the addition of a few seasonal mixers. Give rum a break this summer and mix up some heat-friendly whiskey drinks instead.

    Adding fruit juices is a surefire way to make whiskey drinks taste light and summery. Tart tastes pair well with whiskey, so consider adding some pomegranate juice to bourbon or grapefruit juice to Scotch and topping it all off with club soda. Ginger ale also lightens up heavy whiskey flavors for easier summer sipping. Elderflower liqueur’s sweet taste and floral scent can also be blended with all types of whiskey.

    When you graduate from the Professional Bartending Schools of America, you’ll be armed with all the recipes you need to keep your customers happy year-round. If you’re interested in a career in bartending, visit our website or call our bartending school at (513) 542-3500 to see how we can help you get started. 

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