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    Pouring the Perfect Pint of Guinness

    Last updated 5 years ago

    There’s nothing more Irish than a Guinness—though enjoying a glass is easy, pouring the perfect pint is a science. A good pint of Guinness has a small frothy head topped off with a four-leaf clover design. How can you pull a professional-grade Guinness pint every time? This video shows the way.

    To start, the glass should always be at a 45-degree angle. Your first pour should only fill the glass three-quarters of the way. You may have a big, frothy head at this point, so let the beer rest for two minutes before continuing. Watch this video to see how to create a sudsy shamrock with a few flicks of the wrist.

    Perfecting the pint is just one essential skill you’ll learn at Professional Bartending Schools of America. We’ll teach you all of the tricks and techniques you need to stand out in this lucrative field. Learn more about our bartender school today by visiting us online or calling (513) 542-3500.

    A Look at America's Recent Love Affair with Craft Beers

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Within the last two decades, the beer industry in the U.S. has experienced unprecedented growth. Most of that growth has been in the craft beer sector, with producers who brew fewer than six million barrels per year. Bartenders across the country pour delicious pints and pitchers for happy beer lovers everywhere. Some of the most popular craft breweries include:

    The Boston Beer Company

    One of the craft beers that helped to launch the current craze for artisanal brews, the Boston Brewing Company is better known as Samuel Adams, the name of its iconic brand of beer. Founded in 1984 by a former business consultant, this company is still one of the largest craft breweries in the U.S., shipping about 2.5 million barrels annually.

    Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
    Over on the other coast, in the town of Chico, California, Sierra Nevada has actually been brewing beer longer than the Boston Beer Company. Since 1980, they have produced their signature pale ale, which is the second best-selling craft beer behind Sam Adams—an impressive feat, considering that Sierra Nevada ships about half as many barrels as their Beantown brethren.

    New Belgium Brewing

    Right in the middle of the country, in scenic Fort Collins, Colorado, this brewery produces Fat Tire, one of the best-selling amber ales on the craft beer market. Like many other craft breweries, New Belgium is implementing alternative energy strategies to reduce their carbon footprint, and the company wants to derive 100% of their power from wind in the next few years.

    Skillfully pulling a pint of one of these beers requires practice, and depending on your tap and the type of beer you are serving, you need to use proper techniques to ensure a good pour for your customers. This is just one of the many bartending skills you can learn from Professional Bartending Schools of America. To find one of our bartender schools near you, visit us online or call us today at (513) 542-3500.

    Maryland Bartending Academy Review - PBSA

    Last updated 5 years ago

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    • After recently losing my job, I decided on trying bartending out. I was referred to the Maryland Bartending Academy by a friend of my mothers, telling me that her daughter had gone and they had helped her find a job as well. I signed up and was amazed by the amount of things that you learn at the school. As a frequent bar goer, I knew some of... More

      Sean Otterson

    What Skills Are Essential for Bartenders Today?

    Last updated 5 years ago

    To excel in a career as a bartender, you need a variety of skills. Though some people claim that good-looking bartenders make more money (in the form of bigger tips from clients), skills are ultimately the most important factor in a bartender’s success. A friendly, efficient bartender can make more drinks, and thus more tips, than a sloppy, rude, inefficient bartender.

    But being efficient requires more than simple pouring skills. A good bartender needs to know the basic recipe for all classic cocktails, such as Manhattans, Martinis, and Margaritas, by heart. He or she also has to have an excellent short-term memory, so that he or she can remember a long list of drink orders on a busy night. Sharp ears are also essential, since a bartender often has to hear a drink order over all the other ambient noise at a restaurant, bar, or club.

    At Professional Bartending Schools of America, we equip our students with all the fundamentals they need to perform a job as a bartender, anywhere in the country. Contact us online or call us at (513) 542-3500 to find out more about our classes today.  

    Maryland Bartending Academy Review - PBSA

    Last updated 5 years ago

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    • I just recently graduated from MBA and I can't say enough good things about this school. At first I was hugely skeptical about attending a bar tending school, especially since so many people were telling me that it was a waste of time and money and how NO ONE hires people who go to bar tending school! Well, that was a joke. Here I am, fresh... More

      Jazmine Bottoms

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