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    Spotlight on Bartending in New Orleans, LA

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Bartending in New Orleans, LA is an experience like no other. The city’s hopping tourism and hospitality industries have given rise to countless restaurants, hotels, bars, and nightlife that makes for a fun experience for those who live and work there and those who visit as well. Read on for an overview of what it’s like to be a New Orleans bartender:

    Reputation for Fun

    Every year, thousands of tourists flock to New Orleans in droves to enjoy Mardi Gras, a festival between Epiphany and Ash Wednesday and characterized by drinking, costumes, dancing, and parades. Bars are packed during these three celebratory days with tourists from around the world, making for a fun experience for those on both sides of the serving counter. New Orleans is steeped in cultural and social history and is rapidly returning to its pre-Katrina commercial status. This makes the city an attractive destination for tourists and businesspeople all year long.

    Unique Drinks

    New Orleans is a unique city, and like all unique cities, it has its own signature drinks. Take the Sazerac, for example, which is a gentleman’s cocktail made with cognac or rye whiskey, absinthe or Herbsaint, and floral bitters. There’s also the Hurricane – made with rum and fruit juice, syrup, or grenadine – and the Bushwhacker, which resembles a chocolate piña colada. The diverse tastes of Big Easy residents also means that bartenders have a bit more freedom to be creative than they would in other cities.

    High Demand for Bartenders

    New Orleans is a Mecca for the gaming and hospitality industries. With over 1,000 restaurants, 300 bars, 150 hotels, and three major casinos, bartenders and beverage managers alike are in short supply and the need is growing every day. The influx of tourists indicates that this demand will not taper off anytime soon, which translates to great pay and room for advancement.

    If you’re interested in becoming a New Orleans bartender, consider enrolling at the New Orleans affiliate school of the Professional Bartending Schools of America. As Louisiana’s first licensed bartending school since 1978, we offer a level of training that is truly second to none! For more information, call us today at (513) 542-3500.

    Essential Beer Terminology Every Bartender Should Know

    Last updated 5 years ago

    A solid understanding of beer-related terminology is one of the best indicators of a good bartender. That’s why it’s always important to read up and research all things beer, so that you can be prepared to help answer novice drinkers’ questions. Here is a list of helpful terminology to get you started:


    There’s a good chance that as a bartender, your customers will ask you to clarify the differences between certain types of brews. Ale, for one, is beer that ferments at higher temperature than lagers. Ales have a flavor that tends to showcase the yeast and hops a bit more.


    A restaurant-brewery is considered a “brewpub” if it brews more than 25% of the beer it serves in-house. The establishment may also sell or distribute its brews to customers and other restaurants.


    If you pronounce this word the way it is spelled, any beer enthusiasts at your bar will likely burst out laughing. Draught is pronounced “draft,” and refers to beer that is poured from a cask, tank, or other storage vessel, as opposed to a bottle or can.


    This is a type of pressurized storage and serving vessel for keeping beer fresh. The individual size of a keg varies by country, but in the United States, kegs are usually referred to by their capacity in relation to a 31-gallon barrel. For instance, a “half-barrel” would contain 15.5 gallons of beer.


    Also used extensively in wine tastings, mouthfeel refers to the sensation of beer inside one’s mouth. This includes carbonation, weight on the tongue, warmth from the alcohol, and bitterness from the yeast and hops.

    You will learn these and many other important bartending terms as part of your training at Professional Bartending Schools of America. We have an impeccable reputation for training skilled and knowledgeable bartenders through our interactive, hands-on learning approach. Call us at (513) 542-3500 to speak with an admissions representative.

    To Learn More World-Famous Drinking Customs And To Find Out More About Becoming A Bartender In L.A., Be Sure To Visit These Resources

    Last updated 5 years ago

    In a diverse city like Los Angeles, the best bartenders are grounded in drinking customs from around the world. Enroll in a hands-on bartender course in L.A. by contacting Professional Bartending Schools of America at (513) 542-3500. To learn more about our recent blog topics, look to the following articles:

    Johnnie Walker: The Man Who Walked Around the World

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Throughout the world, the Johnnie Walker label is synonymous with quality. In fact, Johnnie Walker is the most widely distributed brand of Scotch whiskey in the world. Whiskey connoisseurs are well acquainted with its many variants, from the Red Label to the prestigious Blue Label.

    For lovers of Scotch whiskey, nothing compares to a Johnnie Walker on the rocks. To learn more about the legend behind this prestigious brand, watch this official video from Johnnie Walker. 

    At Professional Bartending Schools of America, we teach bartending with a heavy focus on brand awareness. Our highly rated bartender courses will give you a solid grounding in the most respected labels and brands. For more information on our programs and locations, call us at (513) 542-3500. 

    Spotlight on Bartending in Los Angeles, CA

    Last updated 5 years ago

    With hundreds of bars and nightclubs, there’s no better place than Los Angeles to break into an exciting career in bartending. To land a job at the city’s best bars and nightclubs, intensive bartender training is a must. Learn all the skills you’ll need to thrive in this fun, active industry through hands-on training at the many Professional Bartending Schools of America locations in Los Angeles.

    Five Convenient Locations

    When it comes to pursuing an education, accessibility is key. With locations in Costa Mesa, Hollywood, Lakewood, Orange County, and Santa Monica, you’ll never be too far from a PBSA location. From our campuses, we train and place more professional bartenders than any other bartending school in Southern California. 

    A Tradition of Excellence

    Since opening our first Los Angeles campus in 1984, Professional Bartending Schools of America has strived to train the best bartenders in the area. Through rigorous quality standards and professional instructors, we make it our mission to provide the most thorough and complete bartender training available. When you complete our program, you’ll have the skills you need plus the prestige of having completed a highly respected bartender training program.

    Hands-On Training

    Our Los Angeles campuses are set up exactly like real bars. You’ll have a full stock of liquor at your disposal. Students who complete our course have hands-on knowledge in a full range of drinks, brands, and professional bartending methods. This experience will help you stand out from other applicants.

    Lifetime Job Placement Assistance

    The bartender industry is highly competitive. To give you a leg up on the competition, we offer lifetime, nationwide assistance to help you find a fun, high-paying job. And if you ever need to brush up on your knowledge, we offer free refresher courses to all of our alumni.

    Get started in a lucrative industry with intensive bartending training at the Professional Bartending Schools of America location nearest you. For more information on enrolling in one of our five convenient Los Angeles locations, give us a call at (513) 542-3500. 

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