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    Drinking Customs and Traditions from Around the Globe

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Few things highlight the rich cultural traditions around the globe more than alcohol. Drinking has long been a way to celebrate community and culture, and people around the world have been imbibing in highly varied ways for centuries. As you begin your career as a bartender, get acquainted with different drinking customs by reading the following guide.


    Eating and drinking in Japan is all about etiquette. It is considered impolite to pour your own drink in a group setting. Instead, groups of friends and family always pour drinks for one another. To build a sense of community and trust, the goal of every drinking session is to make sure that everyone has had a chance to pour everyone else a drink.


    Russia is known the world over for its love of vodka. Mixing vodka with anything else is heavily frowned upon, as is opening a bottle without finishing it off. Russians also believe that toasts must be made before the drinking starts. In some cases, it is even customary to make a toast before each sip of alcohol.


    The goal of drinking in France is to savor the alcohol and enjoy the experience. Etiquette is important here. When filling a wine glass, it’s best to fill it about half way. Don’t start drinking until everyone has received a pour, and only after you’ve toasted with a hearty santé!


    Known throughout the world for its brewing traditions, Germany takes its beer seriously. One of the best varieties, Kölsch, is brewed only in the Cologne region. There are few guidelines to drinking Kölsch. It needs to be served cold-to-lukewarm (around 50 degrees Fahrenheit) and should only be served in a tall, cylindrical glass. Prost!

    At Professional Bartending Schools of America, we strive to train well-rounded and highly skilled bartenders. Our hands-on bartending classes include training in drinks and wines from throughout the world. To learn more about enrolling in one of our flexible programs, call us at (513) 542-3500.

    Discover More About Making Valentine's Cocktails And Becoming A Bartender When You Visit These Sites

    Last updated 5 years ago

    If you are interested in beginning a lucrative and social career as a bartender, now is the perfect time to sign up for bartending school! You can hone your skills just in time to make some interesting Valentine’s Day cocktails as described in the resources below. Call Professional Bartending Schools of America at (513) 542-3500 to learn about our flexible class schedules.

    • Capture the romance of Valentine’s Day by making a few of the attractive drinks found at
    • This slideshow from features a number of sleek-looking cocktails you can make to show off your bartending skills.
    • These cheery, bright-colored drinks from The Huffington Post will break up the doldrums of winter and get your patrons excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day!
    • Find out more about the Portland Bartending Academy, a PBSA school, by visiting this page describing its training facilities.
    • Becoming a successful bartender means cultivating both technical skills and real-world abilities. For an explanation of why a good memory is one of the most important skills a bartender can have, head to

    4 Valentine's Day Cocktails

    Last updated 5 years ago

    With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s important to consider how you can utilize your bartending skills to make the holiday unique for friends, family, and paying customers. Whether you are tasked with developing a signature drink for your employer or simply want to impress your loved ones with some unique cocktails, these recipes are sure to delight.

    Chocolate Margarita

    Chocolate lovers will enjoy this sweet and creamy treat! Place six ounces of cold chocolate milk into a highball glass along with two ounces of silver tequila and two ounces of daiquiri mix. Stir well until all of the ingredients are mixed and garnish with a chocolate-dipped strawberry.


    If your patrons prefer a tangier beverage, suggest the rasmopolitan, which involves combining one ounce each of citrus vodka, raspberry vodka, and cranberry juice as well as 1/2 ounce each of black raspberry liqueur, lime juice, and simple syrup into an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Mix the ingredients until they are chilled, and strain them into a martini glass with two or three skewered raspberries for a garnish.

    Chocolate-Covered Cherry Martini

    This decadent treat might just fuel some romantic sparks! Within an ice-filled cocktail shaker, mix 1 1/2 ounces of chocolate vodka, 1 1/2 ounces of cherry vodka, 1/2 ounce of grenadine, one ounce of crème de cacao, one ounce of half-and-half, and a squirt of chocolate syrup. Strain everything into a chilled martini glass and garnish the drink with a maraschino cherry.

    Strawberry Margarita

    For a drink that encourages people to relax and have a good time, mix two ounces of silver tequila, one ounce of strawberry liqueur, one ounce of lime juice, and 1/4 ounce of simple syrup in a shaker containing ice, and pour the liquid into a margarita glass with more ice, adding a wedge of lime on the side.

    Professional Bartending Schools of America can help you perfect your measuring and mixing techniques so you can create a professional-quality drink every time! With locations around the country, we make it convenient for you to learn the art of mixology. Call (513) 542-3500 to learn about our flexible scheduling options.

    How to Tap a Keg and Master the Perfect Pour

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Tapping a keg and serving beer professionally is similar to doing so in an informal setting, such as a casual party, but there are certain considerations you must make in order to offer bar-quality presentation. In this video, a bar owner demonstrates how to tap different styles of keg and pour beer with a perfect head.

    Watch to learn how to snap the tapping device into place, lock it securely, and open the valve with the attached lever. You will also learn why it’s important to tilt a glass or pitcher when filling it from the tap. Click play to learn more!

    With the help of Professional Bartending Schools of America, you can learn these skills and many more. Visit our website or call (513) 542-3500 for information on our nationwide bartending schools and get started on a fun and rewarding career that you will love. 

    Spotlight on Bartending School in Portland, Oregon

    Last updated 5 years ago

    If you live in the Portland area and wish to develop professional bartending skills, check out the Portland Bartending Academy, one of the many locations in our nationwide group of professional bartending schools. For nearly 40 years, this school has been providing students with:

    Flexible Scheduling Options

    This PBSA school offers both morning and evening classes to accommodate students’ schedules. Each week, a new round of classes begins. During each two-week course, classes are held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday, with Fridays being reserved exclusively for testing. In addition, this bartending school provides weekend classes four times a year for students who might not otherwise be able to participate.

    Hands-On Practice

    The classroom at Portland Bartending Academy is set up exactly like a real bar, except with full lighting so you can more easily see the results of your pours. Three-quarters of the curriculum is comprised of practical assignments that allow you to truly get a feel for the bartending experience.

    Training for Real-World Situations

    Working in a bar involves more than simply mixing and serving drinks. Depending on the venue, you may have to serve food, suggest drink specials, and minimize liquor shrinkage by pouring accurately. The Portland Bartending Academy will help you learn these important skills so you can work efficiently and make yourself a valuable asset to any bar owner.

    Job Placement Assistance

    In addition to gaining marketable bartending skills from the Portland Bartending Academy, you can receive important job leads that will help you enter the professional world. This bartending school offers full-time job placement directors that scour the state for desirable openings and notify alumni.

    Find out more about the Professional Bartending Schools of America by calling (513) 542-3500 or contacting us online. Our experienced instructors care deeply about your success and will help you develop the skills necessary to have a satisfying bartending career.

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